Terms and Conditions

PWC Building Control Services

Terms and Conditions

 Orders are considered to be a statement with the address of the project, name and address of the owner of the work, and all other details necessary to complete the basic paperwork and create subsequent invoices. The owner of the work is the person responsible for all fees regardless of any arrangements the owner has with another party for payment.

On receipt of an order it will be assumed the owner of the work has given authorisation for the Approved Inspector to proceed with the assignment and has viewed the Terms and Conditions at www.pwc.uk.net. Orders can be taken in any form, including telephone and email.

On receipt of an order PWC will commence work on the project.

Applications can be accepted by email, subject to some limitations, that should be discussed with your contact at PWC.

A plan fee becomes due on the acceptance of the order. An invoice may be raised if the plan fee does not accompany the application. Plan fees are non-refundable.

Minor design changes will be accommodated, however substantial changes to the design may incur additional charges.

An inspection fee becomes due immediately following the first inspection. An invoice for this will follow the first inspection.

Fees will be paid in full before a final certificate can be issued. If payment of an invoice is not made within 60 days PWC will automatically suspend any further work on the assignment and add a charge of 2% for each month, or part, of which the invoice remains unpaid. All fees will attract VAT at the prevailing rate.

A scheme of staggered payments can be arranged for projects where the inspection fee exceeds 5000. This should be discussed with your contact at PWC.

Initial Notices must be served a minimum of 5 working days prior to work commencing on site or the Local Authority may reject the Initial Notice. PWC will make an administrative charge of 130 under these circumstances. Any failed payments, cheque or electronic means, will attract an administrative charge of 25.

Please be aware that PWC provide a Building Control Service to assist the owner in their legal obligation to undertake work that complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations. It is the owners/designers responsibility to advise PWC of any underground obstructions such as public sewers, cellars etc. This service is provided in the form of a plans examination process and a number of visual site inspections. Requests for inspections will typically be required at foundation excavation before concrete, dpc/dpm, first floor level, roof, pre-plaster, drainage and completion; however this will be dependent on the project and should be confirmed with your contact at PWC. PWC are not Clerks of the Works and it is recommended that owners should always ensure the building work is supervised throughout by a qualified surveyor or similar. PI details can be found at http://www.cic.org.uk/services/register.php, number 131. PWC's maximum liability in any claim will be 3x the fee charged.